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    Marine Transportation
    PT. Kemenangan-Polyethylene Buoy
    Polyethylene Buoy
    (PT. Kemenangan), KEMAN Polyethylene (PE) Buoy is a new generation aids to navigation product line designed for high performance and long service life. It has lower maintenance cost and it a ...
    more detail
    Pertamina Trans Kontinental-Marine Transportation
    Marine Transportation
    (Pertamina Trans Kontinental), Segera diupdate. ...
    more detail
    PT. AQUAMARINE DIVINDO INSPECTION-PT. Aquamarine Divindo Inspection
    PT. Aquamarine Divindo Inspection
    (PT. AQUAMARINE DIVINDO INSPECTION), Underwater Construction and Marine Services ...
    more detail
    Pt. Argatama Andika Jaya--
    (Pt. Argatama Andika Jaya), - ...
    more detail
    Rig Tenders Indonesia, Tbk-Accommodation Barge
    Accommodation Barge
    (Rig Tenders Indonesia, Tbk), Our new accommodation barge Kaspadu I is ABS Classed, Indonesian flag, built 2008, 280 men capacity (can be upgraded until 300 pax), pedestal crane, 8 point mooring and 300 ft ...
    more detail
    PT. Kahajaya Marine-14m Crew Boat
    14m Crew Boat
    (PT. Kahajaya Marine), A heavy duty 14m crew boat that has overcome rough sea with a comfort ride for the passengers. The boat also comes with high quality interior. ...
    more detail
    PT. Wintermar Offshore Marine Tbk.-Fast Utility Vessels
    Fast Utility Vessels
    (PT. Wintermar Offshore Marine Tbk.), SMS Rainbow ...
    more detail
    PT. Newport Marine Services-Anchor Handling Tug - NMS Panther
    Anchor Handling Tug - NMS Panther
    (PT. Newport Marine Services), PT. Newport Marine Services has a wide experience range in the offshore transportation industry. Whether it's anchor handling for a FPSO, supporting 2D/3D seismic acquisitions ...
    more detail
    PT. Cakrawala Amartha Jaya-Marine & Underwater Services
    Marine & Underwater Services
    (PT. Cakrawala Amartha Jaya), PT. CAKRAWALA AMARTHA JAYA always prioritizes safety at work because safety is our priority, and all the tools that are used to refer to the work by PT. CAKRAWALA AMARTHA JAYA ...
    more detail
    PT Warma Trierindo Marine Offshore Services-vessel support
    vessel support
    (PT Warma Trierindo Marine Offshore Services), support the project of Underwater inspection & maintenance pipeline using ROV equipment Rekind – Santos ...
    more detail
    Marine Transportation
    1. Pertamina Trans Kontinental
    3. PT Warma Trierindo Marine Offshore Services
    5. Pt. Argatama Andika Jaya
    6. PT. Cakrawala Amartha Jaya
    7. PT. Fabila Teknik Sejahtera
    8. PT. Kahajaya Marine
    9. PT. Kemenangan
    10. PT. Kudanil Indonesia
    12. PT. Newport Marine Services
    13. PT. Wintermar Offshore Marine Tbk.
    14. Rig Tenders Indonesia, Tbk
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