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ITTIC (Indonesia Trade, Tourism, & Investment Club)
ITTIC (Indonesia Trade, Tourism, & Investment Club)

Mission :
1. Promoting Indonesia trade (export/import), tourisme (inbound/outbound), & Investment (to Indonesia)
2. Bridging & matching global business players to Indonesia local business society
3. Providing services : Trade Facilitation (fincansing & logistic), Trade & Investment Guide (opportunites & license information)

Founder :
Founded 2018 by Tito Loho, who known widely as TENDER INDONESIA (www.Tender-Indonesia.com) since year 2000.
TENDER INDONESIA provides services (info & colsultany) for Supplier and contrator in searching multi sector project  opportunities in Indonesia.

Expericence :
ITTIC held several online international bilateral "Business & Trade Meeting" series,
1. Indonesia - Fiji at (8 July 2020) , in cooperation with multi stakeholders including The INVESTMENT FIJI
2. Indonesia - Belarus (19 August 2020) in cooperation with multi stakeholders including The Belarus National Central Marketing

ITTIC supported by Indonesia Ministry of Foreign Affair and Minister of Trade, and other Goverment Institution and also Business Association/Society.
ITTIC also active build the network with many countries Diplomatic Representative and Business Society.

Tito Loho
(ITTIC Chairman)
FB ITTIC Indonesia Trade Tourism Investment Club

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