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PT. Fabila Teknik Sejahtera

Jl. Kawi No. 40, Setiabudi. Jakarta
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PT. Fabila Teknik Sejahtera is a National company Marine and Offshore Contractor and Supplier Services. The Company was formed by a group of senior individuals whose involvement and dedication was to establish and develop new technology and enhance the quality of workmanship in the Marine and Offshore industry.
Safety concepts and procedure were incorporated into our group activities from the beginning of the Companies. However the current Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental (QHSE) program is formulated to strengthen the organization capability to cope safety with the expanded kind of business and complexity of the operations.

Company Activities
1.Ship management
2.Marine and Offshore Independent Surveyors
3.Condition Assessment of Hull and Machinery
4.Marine Consulting
5.Marine and Offshore Project Supervisions
6.Underwater Inspection In-Lieu